Kaitie Hendrickson produces high quality paintings and illustrations for private and corporate hire.

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New Works:

Can-O-Carp_3 WEBSMALL JPG.jpg


You've probably heard of canned sardines before, right? But have you heard of canned Magikarp? Pokemon food.

Purrrfecto Patronum final Signed COLOR jpg (1) WEBSMALL JPG.jpg

Purrrfecto Patronum! 

I have a love for the Harry Potter films and catch myself saying a made up word "Purrrfecto" which to me sounds a lot like the word "Perfecto" in the Harry Potter spell "Perfecto Patronum." So I started to combine the two words together saying "Purrrfecto Patronum! Plus, my patronus and spirit animal are both large felines. :)

Witch's Room  EDITED JPG Web Small Painting traditional 400 dpi.jpg

Witch's Room

An illustration depicting what a modern day Witch's room would look like (at least for me!) A bunch of pillows and records for lounging, spell-books, potions, a cup of tea with a snack do make for the perfect day. And don't forget the black furr-baby! :)

Hoke and Lily Commission

Lily and Hoke

Recent Pet Commission done with acrylic paints on stretched canvas.

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